Total Solution of Molten Salt Tower CSP

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Tower CSP Power Plant Overview
The tower CSP is mainly comprised of Solar Block, TESS and SGS Block, and POB. It can serve as a power plant or provide peak or base load to the grid. The installed capacity of a standalone commercial scale tower CSP is normally above 50MW, with 6-15 hours MSES system based on demand. Cosin Solar is now using a new generation of middle-size intelligent heliostat that can generate a main steam at 14MPa/550.0℃.
Operational Mode
Solar Concentrating System
Track the sun in real time, reflect and concentrate direct normal irradiation to the receiver atop the tower.
Thermal Receiving System
Absorb solar energy and convert it into thermal energy by heating up heat transfer fluid (molten salt).
Thermal Storage & Exchange System
Store heat transfer fluid (molten salt), and exchange heat with water to produce high-temperature and high-pressure steam to drive the turbine for power generation when required. The system ensures high-quality power output.
Power Generation System
Steam turbine generator and auxiliary systems like traditional fossil-fuel power plant.
Tower CSP Power Plant
Low-Carbon and Clean Renewable Energy Supply
Dispatchable Power Supply with Built-in Energy Storage
Grid-friendly Regulatory Power Supply
Low-Carbon and Clean Renewable Energy Supply
The power generation process of CSP does not consume any fossil energy or produce any carbon dioxide or air pollutants, making it a really low-carbon and clean renewable energy.
Dispatchable Power Supply with Built-in Energy Storage
CSP has a built-in low cost, large capacity and longtime MSES system, which can be directly connected to the grid without additional investment in energy storage.
Grid-friendly Regulatory Power Supply
The synchronous turbine generator CSP uses can provide to the grid auxiliary services such as frequency and voltage regulation, rotation backup and black start better than coal power, facilitating safe and stable operation of the power system.
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