Tower Concentrating Solar Power System

Leading Mature Core Technology and Key Equipment of the Whole System

Solar Concentrating System Introduction
Solar Concentrating System consists of large-scale high-precision intelligent heliostats and its control system, which reflects and concentrates direct normal irradiation(DNI) to the tower-top receiver and collect solar energy.
High-precision Intelligent Heliostat
Product features
Driving mode
Rotary reducer +push rod
Service life
Power consumption
0.057 kWh per day
No Lubricant Re-placement Needed
Working condition
Working TemperatureRange
Working Humidity
Working Wind Speed
Regular wind resistance version 13m/s(10min average) 18m/s (instant) Reinforced wind resistance version 16m/s(10min average) 24m/s(instant)
Survival Wind Speed
Regular wind resistance version 40m/s Reinforced wind resistance version 50m/s
Ingress Protection
Working Altitude
Working Altitude

Tracing Accuracy Verification

Environment Adaptability Verification

CE Certificate

Product Function





International Certification
The Heliostat has passed the quality inspection of CSP Services, a prestigious third-party institution, and obtained the certification report jointly issued by CSP Services and DLR. According to the report shows that the heliostat is characterized by minor reflector slope deviation and high tracking accuracy. In particular, the tracking performance of the heliostats is considered excellent, which is the best remark by CSP Services when carrying out the third-party test evaluation.
Heliostat Field Control System
Supported Scale

10,000 sets of heliostats, 3 reflecting area,
2km heliostat-tower distance


Control system server, power-supply and network
adopt multiple redundancy design

Heliostat Array System Suite is the core of communication and control of heliostat field, which is characterized by data acquisition control, efficient transmission and security.

IP65, natural heat dissipation

Lightening protection, anti-surge

Operating from -40℃ to 75℃

Open-close monitoring of cabinet door

Redundant power supply and communication of internal controller

Heliostat Group System suite is the administrative node of heliostat field communication and management, which is characterized by intelligence, efficiency, security and reliability.

IP65, natural heat dissipation

Installed with 3000V AC/DC power

Operating from -40℃ to 75℃

6 heliostats dispatchable

The heliostat field control system has incorporated configuration software, monitor software, advanced control software and system tool software, integrating self-managing functions as dispatching, monitoring, maintaining and upgrading heliostat field devices.
Calibrating System
The automatic calibration based on machine vision methodology is adopted, which is 10 times more efficient than the traditional whiteboard calibration, and can realize automatic cyclic calibration without the need for operators to be on duty.
11 sunny day

Calibration number of days


Calibration precision


Influence on theavailability of solar field

During the construction period of the plant
By adopting the correction system of Cosin Solar, the calibration time of the solar field can be greatly reduced, thus shortens the delivery time. At the same time, the installation cost can be greatly reduced because the heliostats installation process does not require accurate positioning and measurement of deviation.
After the plant is put into operation
The calibration system of Cosin Solar can carry out high frequency periodic calibration on the operating mirror field, ensuring that during the whole life cycle, the full-field heliostat is always at the best accuracy level.
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