Overseas Business Development Manager
Position Type:Management
Work location:Hangzhou
Release time:2023.09.21
Job nature:Full-time Salary range:250,000 Requirement department:Marketing Center

1. Full-time bachelor degree or above, overseas work or study experience is preferred;

2. More than 2.5 years working experience, including more than 3 years working experience in power, energy or infrastructure industry overseas market business development;

3. Understand the operation mode of power industry projects in overseas markets, if there is a certain degree of domestic and foreign investors, developers, EPC contractors, financial institutions and other resources are preferred;

4. Fluent in English listening, speaking, reading and writing, able to use English as the working language;

5. Able to adapt to high-intensity and frequent business trips, with excellent communication and resource coordination skills.

Job responsibilities:

1. Assist the department manager to organize the internal and external resources of the company and achieve the sales target of the company in the target overseas market;

2. Responsible for finding and tracking the target overseas market customer and project information;

3. Assist department manager to establish close contact with investors, developers, EPC contractors, financial institutions, etc., and strive for overseas projects in various ways;

4. Assist department manager to develop and maintain overseas target market government relations and partner channels;

5. Assist department manager to complete target overseas market research;

6. Assist department manager to promote the company's brand and technology in the target overseas market.

Overseas Manager
Position Type:Management
Work location:Hangzhou
Release time:2023.09.20
Job nature:Full-time Salary range:15000-25000 Requirement department:Engineering Center

1. Bachelor degree or above in engineering or automation related major.

2. More than 5 years of overseas project manager work experience, familiar with overseas power station project construction process and specifications. Experience in project management in EU countries is preferred;

3. Proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing, to meet the requirements of work communication language;

4. Strong ability to work under pressure, strong observation and strain ability, excellent cross-cultural communication ability, team building ability and organizational development ability.

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the general contract construction management of overseas projects;

2. Responsible for the control of overseas project schedule, quality, scope, risk, cost and personnel;

3. Participate in the preliminary investigation and risk control of overseas projects.

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