Tower Concentrating Solar Power System

Leading Mature Core Technology and Key Equipment of the Whole Process

Molten Salt Tower CSP Simulation Software
Through the mathematical modeling of the whole process of CSP plant production, Operation and Maintenance of the plant owns the following tools:

Operation Simulation: Plant Operation and On-Off Simulation, Operation Data Output, Simulation Platform Acceleration & Suspension.

Failure Simulation : Simulation of equipment failure and its corresponding corrective operation and interlock protection.

Design optimization: Verification and Optimization of Process Flow, Equipment Selection and Control Strategy.

Training: Demo of plant process flow, Operating personnel training and KPI monitoring.

Molten Salt Tower CSP Design Software
With necessary project input data, Cosin Solar CSP design software can realize overall design of the project. Detailed technical documents, including solar resource analysis, parameter of heliostat field, receiver, salt tank, heat exchanger, steam turbine, amount of electricity production & auxiliary services power, as well as economic analysis, can be generated from the CSP design software and further used for feasibility study, investment decision -making and preliminary project design of the project.
Plant Performance Measurement Software
Through analysis of meteorological data, main equipment parameters, power operation mode and other detailed plant data, Cosin Solar Performance Model can calculate the theoretical power generation of CSP plant and display the outcome by chart. The Performance model has been proved to well support Economic Evaluation during the project early design stage and Generation Achievement Rate Assessment in the operation stage.
Operation Optimization Software
Cosin Solar operation optimization software is well designed based on mathematical modeling, big data analysis and machine learning, with functions of System Operation Analysis & Evaluation, Expert Diagnosis of Major Equipment and Operation KPI Assessment, which is able to continuously improve the standardization, automation and intelligence, power generation rate and economy return of CSP Plant.
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