MSES-Based Integrated Energy Solution

To provide customers with MSES-centered integrated energy utilization solutions
PV Wind Power Park Energy Storage
Technical Principle

When there are excessive PV/wind power, MSES could be used to store the curtailed wind/PV power;

During morning and evening peak hours, thermal energy previously stored in MSES could be converted into electricity or heat by STG or heat exchanger;

MSES can provide energy storage and peak regulation services for large- scale Wind and PV power plant. When the output of Wind and PV power plant is greater than the demand of power grid, the curtailed electricity can be stored in MS by electrical heater and generated again by steam turbine generator at peak hours. Equipped with MSES, Wind and PV power plant can provide more smooth and stable electricity generation to power grid. In addition, compared other energy storage system, MSES has lower investment, higher safety, and nearly zero loss of molten salt.
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