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Leading Technology

CSP is a highly complicated technology that involves various specialties. With years of endeavor in R&D, we have mastered core technologies of molten salt tower CSP in solar concentration, receiver, thermal storage & exchanging, environment adaptable design, construction and O&M customized for extreme weathers, proven on utility-scale projects.

R&D Excellence

Cosin Solar, specialized in innovation and R&D, has developed an R&D team with more than 100 members. The provincial high-tech R&D center we have is China’s largest, multifunctional, and well-equipped incubator for CSP technology and facilities. The center supports all necessary facilities, equipment, and experimental conditions for innovation, and can perform system functional verification, application tests for heliostat, heliostat calibration system and heliostat control system, and special tests for receiver, molten salt system and other auxiliary systems, covering the whole process from solar concentration through storage.

Cosin Solar continues to advance CSP technology and to promote industrialization of CSP by developing its own cutting-edge intelligent heliostat, large-scale solar field control and molten salt thermal storage & exchange technologies. Cosin Solar led and participated in the preparation of 7 international standards and 9 national standards. We have undertaken one World Bank China Renewable Energy Scale-Up Program, two national 863 Programs, two national key research and development projects and several provincial and municipal-level scientific research projects. We repeatedly won the top places of provincial and municipal science and technology progress prizes. In addition, we won the Solar PACES 2020 Technology Innovation Award issued by the world's most authoritative CSP academic society, being the first and only independent CSP enterprise in Asia that wins this award.


Proportion of R&D personnel


National, provincial, and municipal research projects we participated


Provincial and municipal-level scientific and technological progress award


International, China National and Group standards in CSP industries we participated

R"D	Excellence
359 Patents Applied
Invention Patents Applied:265
221 Patents Awarded
Invention Awarded:149
Standard Setting
Take the lead in compiling the main international and national core standards for the Solar Concentrating System, Thermal Receiving System and Thermal Storage & Exchange System of tower CSP
Solar Concentrating System

Led the preparation of international standard IEC 62862-4-2 "Technology Specification for Solar Field Control System of Solar Tower Power Plant"

Led the preparation of international standard IEC 62862-4-3 "Technical Requirements and Design Qualification of Heliostats for Solar Tower Power Plant"

Led the preparation of the national standard "Technical Requirements of Heliostats for Solar Tower Power Plant"

Thermal Receiving System

Led the preparation of national standard "Technical Requirements of Thermal Receiving System for Solar Tower Power Plant"

Thermal Storage &
Exchange System

Led the compilation of the national standard "Characteristics of Direct and Indirect Active Sensible Heat Storage Systems for Solar Tower Power Plant"

Led the preparation of the national standard "Technical Requirements of Molten Salt Thermal Storage System for Solar Tower Power Plant"

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