Concentrating Solar Power

A clean, low-carbon, stable and reliable new application of solar energy utilization

What is CSP?
Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) is a new type of solar energy utilization. It uses a large number of mirrors to concentrate solar radiation, heat the thermal medium and store it. The high-temperature thermal medium is then used for heat exchange with water to generate high-temperature and high-pressure steam, which drives the STG set to generate electricity. Among the various CSP technologies, Tower CSP has become the most popular CSP technology due to its high system efficiency and ample room for cost reduction.
Advantages of CSP
Clean	and	Low-carbon Clean and Low-carbon
CSP is the clean and low-carbon renewable energy generation technology, In particular, Tower CSP has the lowest lifecycle carbon emissions equivalent to only 1/50 of conventional thermal power and 1/6 of PV, which has significant ecological & environmental benefits. It can effectively solve human society’s climate change problem and help achieve“30·60”carbon peak and neutrality goals.
Large-scale	Energy	Storage Large-scale Energy Storage
Compared with wind power and PV, CSP has its own large-scale and low-cost energy storage system, which realizes the decoupling of solar energy collection and power generation, thus overcoming the intermittency and volatility of solar energy resources. It can be used as the base load for 24-hour continuous, stable and reliable power generation and guarantee power supply for the new power system with new energy as the main power source.
Flexible	and	Adjustable Flexible and Adjustable
The CSP output has excellent adjusting ability, and its adjusting depth and speed are even better than traditional thermal power, which can significantly improve the regulation ability of the power system. The adjustment can be applied to the peak load regulation of wind power and PV, thus consuming their randomness and volatility.
Supporting	Power	Grid Supporting Power Grid
CSP adopts synchronous generators, which can provide rotational inertia and reactive power to support frequency stability, voltage stability and synchronous stability of the power grid, thus ensuring its security and stability operation.
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