SUPCON SOLAR Delingha 50MW Molten Salt Tower CSP Plant
One of China's First Batch of CSP Demonstration Projects
The first Molten Salt Tower CSP Plant in the China whose exceeded the designed production
Project Overview

One of China's first batch of CSP Demonstration Projects, entitled as National Strategic and Emerging Industry Key Project by NDRC (Chinese National Development and Reform Commission).

Located in Delingha, Qinghai Province, is a molten salt tower CSP plant configured with 27,135 sets of 20m² heliostat. The designed electricity output is 146 GWh/year, which meets power demand of 80,000 households, saves 46,000 tons standard coal and reduces 121,000 tons CO2 emission every year.

The plant started construction in Mar. 2017, was synchronized to the grid on Dec. 30, 2018 and reached full-load operation on Apr. 17, 2019.

Parameter Introduction
Installed Capacity
7Hours with Molten Salt
Land Area
Solar Field Reflective Area
Distance from Ground to the Center of Receiver
Molten Salt
Steam Parameter
Electrical Output
Powering Households
Equivalent Coal Saved
4.6 tons/year
CO₂ Emission Reduction
12.1 tons/year
Project Operation Performance

Accumulated power generation as of Dec. 2023


Accumulated power generation in 2023

After the Plant was put into operation in July 2019, it has been running steadily for four years and six months. Through continuous optimization of operation strategy, its performance steadily improved and repeatedly broke records in terms of non-stop operation hours, daily, monthly, and annual performance. The total annual accumulative actual power generation of the Plant in 2022 was 146.4 GWh, becoming the world's first CT CSP plant. The total annual accumulative actual power generation of the Plant in 2023 was 152.4 GWh, exceeding the target in a second year.
Continuous uninterrupted operation duration
322.62 hours
From January 1 to January 14, 2024, the plant set three new records, namely, continuous operation for 322.62 hours, power generation of 9.1955GWh, and average production rate at 111.5%.
Single day electricity generation record
1128.6 MWh
On Sept.10, 2021, the daily generation reached 1128.6MWh with fulfillment rate of 110.04%, equivalent to run for 22.6 hours at full load within a day.
Monthly electricity generation record
In Jan. 2024, the plant recorded an impressive monthly power generation of 18.4358GWh, hitting a new high since its operation.
International Certification

SUPCON SOLAR Delingha 50MW Molten Salt Tower CSP Plant constructed by Cosin Solar, has passed complete technical assessment of Fichtner, a German independent engineering consultancy company. In the assessment report, Fichtner considers the design of the plant corresponds to state-of-the-art design of similar plants in the world, the self-developed heliostat and control system and other core equipment are of high quality, and the plant has good operation performance and advanced quality with the level of other international peers.

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