Qinghai Another Projects Start Heliostat Assembly

In summer on the Gobi desert and barren land,

it's time to go for it and strive.

As June approaches,

various CSP project of Cosin Solar have seen a construction boom.

Every minute counts as they forge ahead full force,

playing the "striving melody" of summer.

On June 15, the first set of heliostats for the 100MW CT CSP project of the CHN Energy Qinghai Qingyu DC Phase II CSP + PV Hybrid Project, being constructed by Cosin Solar, was successfully assembled,marking commencement of construction of the heliostat field.

The heliostat is one of the core equipment of a CSP plant. In this project, we use the high-precision intelligent heliostat developed by Cosin Soalr, totaling 23,340 units. The Cosin Solar team meticulously planned and coordinated resources to overcome unfavorable factors like strong wind and sand on the plateau and low oxygen levels. They implemented the assembly work of the heliostat body to a high standard, achieving the milestone of completing the first set of heliostat assembly ahead of schedule, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent mass production and installation of heliostats.

The project is located in the south of the ecological solar power park in Hainan Prefecture, Qinghai Province, with a total installed capacity of 1GW, including 900MW PV and 100MW CT CSP. Among them, the 100MW CT CSP, with an 12-hour molten salt storage system, chose the molten salt tower CSP technology fully developed by Cosin Solar. The designed electricity output is 223 GWh/year, saves 68100 tons standard coal and reduces 185,400 tons CO₂emission every year.

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