All 23,731 sets of heliostats were assembled for the CTGR Qinhai Qingyu DC 100MW CSP Project

On June 29, all 23,731 sets of heliostats were assembled for the CTGR Qinhai Qingyu DC 100MW CSP Project, being constructed by Cosin Solar. This indicates that Cosin Solar has successfully completed all heliostat production and delivery tasks on schedule. 

The Cosin Solar project construction team overcame adverse conditions such as extreme cold, high altitude, and strong wind and sand. By fully mobilizing the company's high-quality resources, strengthening schedule control and process quality management, the team ensured timely completion of the project. Since the assembly of the first set of heliostat on October 17, 2023, all heliostat assembly tasks have been successfully completed in about seven months (excluding a one-month winter break). 

Currently, the installation project of the Solar Field and MSR System has entered the final stage. Cosin Solar will actively cooperate with all parties to complete the installation of the receiver with high quality and assist in the completion of the debugging and trial operation of the the Solar Block, ensuring the project achieves the goal of full-capacity grid connection. 

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